Townhomes offer better value than ever before, and every day more Aussies are discovering the benefits.

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Here's 5 reasons to consider a townhome

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We always build in the best locations with access to schools, work and transport.

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low maintenance

Smaller yards and body corporates mean you get plenty of entertaining areas without having to spend every weekend looking after it all.

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For the same areas, townhomes often cost much less than houses do, and they still come in a bunch of sizes to suit your family situation.

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full turnkey inclusions

Townhomes are ready to be lived in as soon as you have the keys! Plus, everything is included, right down to the air conditioning and landscaping.

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pay on completion

buildtoday’s contracts only need an upfront deposit and then you pay the rest when your townhome is finished. No need to juggle paying rent and a mortgage at the same time!

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Designed for families!

We know what you’re probably thinking: your family really needs more room than a townhome has to offer.

Space for families

But we’re happy to say that’s not the case. There was a time when townhomes were built small and weren’t great for big families. These days, townhome designers are very conscious of maximising the space they are working with and they are able to create homes that suit families of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need more bedrooms, more living spaces, or you need an extra area to use as an office, we can help you out.

Central for family life

Good design doesn’t just end at the number of bedrooms either. Our team picks suburbs that have great access to schools, transport and are within easy commuting distance to the CBD. Family life can be hectic enough as it is, so townhomes are often a great option helping make it possible to live your life just the way you envision it, without breaking the bank.

Turn your townhome into an investment

Getting into the housing market can be hard. Townhomes make it possible...

Getting into the market is still one of the hardest parts of buying a home in Australia. Townhomes make the whole thing more affordable, and they’re a great way to build equity that you can use to move on to bigger and better homes.

When it’s time to buy their next place, lots of customers choose to keep their townhome as an investment property. Modern townhomes are a favourite with landlords, but did you know renters love them too? They have great locations and need less maintenance, not to mention being more affordable, so they’re popular with renters who want a modern space that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

buildtoday can even connect you with rental agents to find reliable, long-term tenants and turn your townhome into rental income!

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