Low Deposit Program

Low deposit program

Our low deposit program aims to make it easier to get into your own home through expert support and financial assistance.

buildtoday supports you every step of the way with…

It's not just you - saving a home deposit is hard!

If you find yourself struggling to pull together a home deposit, don’t worry! Many everyday Aussies are in the same boat. Rent, utilities, groceries, school … the list of daily living expenses is long and continually eating away at your saving efforts. We understand the struggle and offer solutions designed to ease the transition from tenant to homeowner.

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Stop renting today with our low deposit support

How it works

Grants & Incentives

The Australian Government provides assistance for home buyers whether you’re looking for your first home or you’re next. Let us help you navigate eligibility requirements to find the best programs for you.

Specialised lenders

Even if you’ve heard you can’t get a mortgage, it’s worth checking in with our network of specialised brokers who focus on low deposit buyers. They’re experts in lending requirements and can help you find the right lender for you.

buildtoday deposit assistance package

Can you afford mortgage repayments, but just need that little help putting together your deposit? You might just qualify for our $20K Deposit Assistance Package — no strings attached!

Find out if you qualify

There are a number of criteria that lenders use to determine your borrowing capacity, but did you know that this criteria works on a sliding scale? Take our quiz or call one of our experts to find out how we can help you find a lender that will work with your unique circumstances.

are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident?

do you have stable employment?

do you have an annual income of $80k+?
or $60k+ for singles

do you have minimal debt under $30k?

don't wait - it just gets more expensive

Inflation will cause your savings goal posts to move

The cost of living increases every year you wait. This inflation drives up home prices in your preferred areas along with your bills and rental costs. Not only does this make saving your deposit more difficult, it steadily increases the amount you need to save. For example, inflation on home prices could see you jumping from 5% of $450K to 5% of $500K in a single year.

Government incentives are time sensitive

Government grants and incentives can make it even easier to buy, but these programs are not available indefinitely. For example, the First Home Buyers Grant is reviewed regularly for sustainability and can be decreased or even disappear at any time. So if you’re considering making use of these grants, don’t delay.

The older you get, the shorter your loan term, the higher your repayments

You may be surprised to find out that the older you get, the higher your repayments will be. Why? Because your repayment term gets shorter. Paying off a loan in a shorter time frame means a higher monthly cost, so there’s no better time than now to move from renting to owning!

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meet the Moore's

Their background

The Moore’s have rented for 6 years. They have 2 kids under 4 years old, 1 car loan and when they came to buildtoday, they were also a single income family while Mrs Moore was on maternity leave.

Their starting point

Although the Moore’s had around $10K in savings, they had been previously turned away by lenders. Homeownership felt out of reach and they didn’t know what step to take next in order to obtain finance approval.

Their happy ending

Within a week of contacting buildtoday, we had matched the Moore’s with an incredible broker that specialises in first home buyers. The Moore’s also received our Low Deposit Assistance Package which really boosted their initial deposit and allowed them to proceed through finance approvals quickly. One more week later, the Moore’s were signing their contract and the dream was becoming a reality!

Not all stories are the same and not all happy endings are found this quickly, but one thing is for sureit is possible and we are here to help!

don't qualify right now? don't worry!

If your road to homeownership is a little bumpier than expected, that’s ok. Each buyer’s journey is unique and there is no one path to success. If you don’t qualify now, we can still help you. Our experts can provide information and guidance on your best next steps to ensure you find your path to homeownership as soon as possible.

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