Changing that nursery into a toddler room

upgrading nursery to toddler room design ideas
Having a baby is always exciting, but they grow up fast, and before long it’ll be time to renovate their nursery into a room that’s fit for a big kid.

Designing a nursery is a fun rite of passage. Choosing paint schemes, assembling furniture and setting up a room for your new addition is an adventure. But it won’t be long before your little one starts to grow and get around on their own.

That means sooner or later you’ll have to update their room, so here are our favourite tips for turning a nursery into a big kid’s room.

Time for a bigger bed

Upgrading from a cot to a proper bed is probably the easiest place to start. There are plenty of attractive bed frames out there that are perfect for your child.

When you’re shopping for that new bed, we recommend skipping to a larger bed frame meant for standard mattress sizes. Remember that your baby will grow fast, and a toddler bed may only last a few years. Buying a standard bed frame saves you money and means your child could get 10+ years of use out of it.

Future-proof your design

Unless you’re a big fan of repainting the room every few years we recommend choosing a nice neutral scheme that can be updated as your child grows and their tastes change. Remember that toddlers are little people, and they start to develop their own personalities and interests quickly, so design a room that can easily be changed as their interests shift.

Pick neutral colours for the walls and trim, and then dress them up with your choice of furnishing and decorations. If you want to add fun, then think about doing a chalkboard wall! Any designs you want to put on the wall can be changed quickly and easily, and it’s a fun activity to do with your little one.

Find time for more toddler-proofing

If you didn’t quite get around to toddler-proofing before your baby arrived, now’s the time. As they grow, the chances a cheeky little toddler tries to use a bookshelf as a climbing frame go up dramatically. So set aside a few hours and make sure any tall or unstable furniture is safely screwed to the wall and put the things they’ll want in easy reach to discourage climbing.

Make them a space of their own

Okay, we know, you don’t want to see your little one growing up too fast, but it won’t be long before they can play on their own and don’t need your attention. Everyone else in the house has space they consider their own, so make sure your toddler has a place too. 

That could take a lot of shapes, but one idea we love is to build a cosy reading corner with plenty of blankets and cushions. Setting them up with a bookshelf and a comfy spot to sit and read could be the start of a life-long habit.

Get your toddler involved! 

Your little human might not know everything about the world, but they’re definitely qualified to join in on the fun of designing their bedroom. Get them involved – take them shopping for furniture, let them see your paint swatches, browse second-hand listings for race car beds with them – find out what they want from their room and see if it’s something you can deliver!

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