Top 5 furniture essentials for every room in your new home

Dining table in a new home
If you’re moving into a new home, you may need to fill out your extra space with some new furniture essentials

Find out what you need for every room in the house!

Transitioning from tenant to new homeowner may see you lacking in the furniture department. With so much more space, you might be missing a few essential pieces. No need to worry, it just means you’re starting with a blank slate that you can easily customise to suit your interior style

Find out what you need in each room of your new home to create a comfortable and cozy space fit for living and entertaining with family and friends. 

Living room

You’ll be spending a lot of time in this central space, so it’s ultra-important to get this one right. Invest in some high-quality basics to ensure a strong foundation that you can build on as you grow into your new home. 

The right couch

You’ll want to put a bit of thought into this one because the right couch makes the space. Not only should you consider your personal style, but think about the size of the room and how it will fit with other existing pieces. Make sure you take your time to test a few because it’s all about optimal comfort (within the budget of course).

TV and sound system

Generally, the living room is all about entertaining — both yourself and those you love — so it’s important that you’ve got the goods to do the trick. You’ll need a great TV and a sound system to match. Going big isn’t always better here. Think about the space and how close you’ll be sitting to the screen and speakers. This will help you choose a system that will suit your needs.  

Entertainment cabinet

House your spiffy new equipment in an equally fabulous entertainment cabinet. Styles and sizes are pretty diverse so think about the overall aesthetic you’d like to achieve in the room. If you’re aiming for a laid back Scandinavian style, a light tone timber unit with clean lines will do just fine. If you’re going for eclectic, glass or metal with elaborating detailing might be more your style.    

Tables, tables, tables 

Many modern apartments lack the floor space to accommodate side tables and a coffee table, but your new home likely won’t come with such restrictions. If it suits your style, splash out on both. You’ll definitely have space. Again, it’s important to think about your overall design and choose tables that will work with each other and your other pieces. 

Decor for style

Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to incorporate all of those little pieces that tie the room together. This is where you can really inject some personality. Whether it’s a large statement piece of art, a colourful rug, or knick-knacks that remind you of personal memories, these are the items that will make your new house start to feel like home.  

Dining room

You may make this a formal space or dress it down for casual, everyday living. No matter what style you decide on here, memories are often made over a great meal. Remember to balance beauty and function to get the most out of your dining area. 


The table is often the focal point of the dining room, so you want to get it right. Size is pretty important here. Not only do you want a table that will seat all of your most important guests, but it also needs to fit in the room. If your dining area is on the smaller side, no need to fret. Tables with extensions can fit into tighter spaces and be expanded for special events. 


You probably thought this one would be an easy decision, but there are a surprising number of factors to consider when selecting your dining room chairs. First and foremost, how many do you need? Next up, do you want individual or bench seating? Upholstery, timber or metal? Let the deciding factor lie in what you feel you’ll get the most use out of. After all, comfort is key when you’re furnishing your home. 


Even the largest dining tables can use a little overflow help sometimes. A sideboard is a versatile piece that will not only offer extra space for serving on big nights of entertaining but will also add storage for china, crockery, stemware and cutlery.   

Mirror or artwork

Dining rooms don’t have to be drab. Bring in a bit of personality to liven up space and help ensure you’ll use it more often. This can be achieved through some tasteful artwork that adds a little nod to your personal style. Alternatively, if the room feels a bit cramped, open it up with a good-sized mirror. It will reflect natural light and make space feel more open. 


The light over the dining room table is generally another chance to bring style into your dining room. From chandeliers to oversized modern fixtures, this is your chance to liven (and lighten) space up. 


Whether you’re a master chef or a master of UberEats, the kitchen can be a great central gathering point in many homes. Stock it up with the essentials to ensure you’re ready for anything.


Even if you don’t count yourself as much of a cook, it’s important to have a set of basic cookware in your kitchen. We’re talkin’ pots, pans, mixing bowls, knives and various cooking utensils. Who knows, with a new kitchen and plenty of space to practice, you may find yourself eating in more often.

Plates and utensils 

Everyone needs plates and utensils — even if you get takeaway for every meal. Chances are you’re going to need something to put your food on when it arrives. Invest in a quality set of dishware and cutlery so you can eat all the food. Heck, we’ll even throw glassware into this one. 


Chances are your new home will not come with a refrigerator. Even if it does, there’s no telling what the quality will be or what shape it will be in. It’s a good idea to get yourself a new fridge that fits your new kitchen. There are plenty of sizes and styles to choose from, but make sure you get one that’s energy-efficient to save yourself in the long run.  


Plants are a great addition to any room in the home but seem particularly appropriate in the kitchen. This is especially true if you opt for the edible variety. Grow a herb garden that will add flavour to your food and bring a little life into your kitchen. 

Bar stools

If your kitchen has space, bar stools are a versatile furniture option that can act as additional seating on nights of entertaining, a quick spot for a meal on the go, or a great way to encourage younger kids to help with cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. Just make sure you measure the height of your bench before you choose your stools. 


Possibly the second most used room in any home, your bedroom is your private sanctuary. It’s important that you create a cozy space that you feel comfortable in to ensure a good night’s sleep every night. These pieces will help you do just that. 


The focal point, and for many, the best spot in the entire house. Finding the right bed is imperative. You may have a bed already that you can move into your new home with. If it’s still doing the trick, then by all means save a bit of scratch and keep enjoying it. However, a new home means a new opportunity to upgrade, from going up a size to simply investing in a higher quality mattress. Complete the look with a swish bed frame and some extra cozy bedding. 

Bedside tables

Bedside tables are a great way to add additional storage to your bedroom while keeping things clean and stylish. They also happen to be the perfect spot for your phone while you sleep. You can choose a pair that match your bed frame or get a little bit eclectic by opting for something different. 


The perfect accompaniment to those new side tables, lamps are the perfect way to integrate more lighting options to your bedroom. Need a little extra light while you read? No problem! Need a little less light so your partner can sleep while you’re burning the midnight oil? Also no problem! Lamps also happen to be a great way to add a little pop of style and personality.  

Wardrobe or dressers

Speaking of storage, although your new home is sure to come with more closet space, you’ll probably need additional storage space for all that clothing that just can’t hang up.  


As we mentioned, there’s bound to be way more space in your new bedroom, so you might as well add a chair or two. No more balancing on one foot while you pull on your shoes! Take a seat like a civilised adult and put them on from the comfort of your new bedroom seating. If you want to get extra clever, opt for a bench with storage for a little extra space to put things. 


You may be thinking that this no-frills space doesn’t really need much to get you by, but that’s a misconception. Bathrooms happen to be one of the first places potential buyers look when considering whether or not they buy a property. Making your bathroom look beautiful may boost the value of your property. It also makes it a heck of a lot nicer for you to use every day. 


If you’ve ever been in a bathroom that doesn’t have a bin, you definitely know how essential this item is. Choose something simple and discrete, or add a bit of flair with an over the top bin that makes a statement. Just make sure it goes with the overall style you’re trying to achieve. 


Another one of those items that wreak havoc when they’re missing. Load up on soft, cushy towels that will make getting out of the bath or shower all the better. 

Extra storage

The bathroom is one room in the house that is almost always lacking in the storage department. Luckily it’s easy to add some by getting clever. Just think along the lines of a mirrored medicine cabinet, a combination of shelves and baskets, or over the toilet cupboard — the options are endless. 

Tub-side table

If you’re keen on taking long baths, there is nothing better than a tub-side table. It’s the perfect spot for a candle or your cuppa, helping you to set the mood for a relaxing soak. Your options are pretty open here, and will largely depend on the overall style you’re going for in your loo. 


We’ve saved the most important item for the very end. The humble plunger is an absolute must for any bathroom. You don’t ever want to be left in a situation where you’re watching the toilet water rise with no plunger in sight.

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