The A to Z of must-haves for your first home

We’ve put together the complete A to Z of items you’ll need to get settled in your new home

There’s a lot to think about when you’re moving in to your new home. We’re making it a little bit easier with our A to Z list of items you should get for your first home to make sure you’re prepared for anything!

Customising your new home is an exciting opportunity to create a space that speaks to your personal style and tastes. It’s your chance to start with a blank slate. 

If you’re moving in from a rental, chances are there are a few things you’ll need to style the perfect interiors, give the place some curb appeal, and get your hands dirty with a little DIY home maintenance.  

We’ve put together the complete A to Z of items you’ll need to get settled in your new home.


Artwork: Hanging a painting or two is the perfect way to add a little personality to your new home.


Batteries: It’s best to keep a stockpile of batteries now that you own a home. You’d be surprised how many you’re going to need. 

Bin liners: Moving in generates a ton of trash. Bin liners are a must. 

Broom and dustpan: To keep your new home clean as a whistle, you’ll need a broom and dustpan. 


Cushions: From adding a pop of colour to a neutral palette to creating a cushy couch to kick back on, cushions are a versatile home accessory. 

Cleaning supplies: Cleaning your new home from top to bottom before you unpack is a great way to make it feel more like your space. Cleaning supplies will come in hand for that, not to mention keeping your home spick and span. 


Dishes: Now that you’re a homeowner with a proper kitchen, it’s time to invest in a nice set of matching dishes. 

Dog: Did you always want a dog but your landlord wouldn’t allow it. You’re a homeowner now! Go on, get yourself a puppy. 


Extension cords: These will come in handy for housework and home maintenance jobs. 

End tables: These little tables are a great way to tie a room together. Plus, they’re the perfect spot to set your cool drink while relaxing in your new home!


Fire extinguisher: Every home needs a fire extinguisher. And don’t forget to check it annually to make sure it’s in working order. 

First aid kit: Make sure you have a first aid kit on hand in case you have any scrapes or bumps while moving into your new home.


Garden hose: The grass is greener when you’re a homeowner. Keep it that way with regular, responsible watering. 

Grill: Now that you have a yard, add a grill for regular outdoor BBQs with family and friends. 


Hooks: Hooks are a great way to organise any space. 

Houseplants: Bring some life and colour into your home with some new houseplants. 


Internet: Get connected in your new home by arranging a modem and internet connection. 

Ice cube trays: Is there anything better than an ice cold beverage from the comfort of your favourite spot in your new home? Get yourself a couple of ice cube trays to make sure you’re never short of ice. 


Jug: There’s sure to be many weekends spent relaxing in the backyard with some cool beverages. Get a jug to serve up your favourites. Lemonade anyone?


Keys: Your new home comes with a brand new set of shiny keys. Make sure to make a copy or two for your partner and kids. 

Keychain: Speaking of keys, you’re going to need a keychain for those new house keys! 

Knicknacks: There’s no better way to add some personality to your space with your favourite knicknacks. 


Ladder: With lightbulbs to change and gutters to clean, there’s myriad chores where a ladder will come in handy.  

Lawn mower: Keeping your yard neat and tidy is one of the easiest ways to add curb appeal to your home. Better invest in a lawn mower to keep that grass in check. 


Mop and bucket: If you have tiled or hardwood floors, you’ll need a mop and bucket to make sure your floors stay clean. 


Nightstands: Add a little flare to your bedroom with some funky nightstands. They’re also great for holding your phone while you sleep. 


Outdoor seating: From sipping lemonade on a hot summer Saturday to hosting BBQs with family and friends, make the most of your new yard by setting up some outdoor seating in your backyard. 


Plunger: This often overlooked tool is easy to forget … until you need one. Avoid the panick by picking one up when you move in.  

Photographs: Display your best memories by framing a few of your favourite photographs and hanging them on your walls. It’s a great way to make a new home feel more cosy. 


Queen-sized bed: Whether it’s for yourself or your guest room, invest in a queen-sized bed so you can really stretch out and get comfortable.  

Quilt: Speaking of beds, top your new queen off with a quality quilt that will keep you warm and cosy in your new home all year round. 


Rubber gloves: With all the cleaning you’re going to do when moving in, a pair or two of rubber gloves are sure to come in handy. 

Rug: If you’re working with tiled or hardwood floors, a new rug can be a great way to bring some warmth and softness to your space. 


Storage containers: Keep your new home organised with storage containers. 

Shelves: Shelving is a versatile way to add storage and organisation to any room. 

Sheets: New home, new bedding! Invest in some quality sheets to make your new bedroom look extra slick.


Tool kit: As a homeowner, you’re going to be responsible for maintenance from now on. If you’re more of a DIY-er, get yourself a tool kit to make sure you’re equipped to handle any situation. 

Torch: A torch is a must in case of an emergency.  

Toaster: This staple home appliance is a must-have.


Umbrella: Bring some shade to your outdoor spaces with a big umbrella.


Vacuum: Keep those new carpets in top shape with a new vacuum. It’s also essential for dusting those hard to reach corners, door frames, window panes and more.  


Washing machine: Gone are the days of shared laundries. Get yourself a washing machine to fluff and fold your clothes in peace. 

Whipper snipper: Keep those lawn edges sharp with a whipper snipper. With such a beautiful yard, you’re sure to be the envy of all your new neighbours. 


Xacto knife: From opening moving boxes to DIY projects, this knife will come in handy in many situations. 


Yard tools: From gardening to lawn maintenance, there are a few yard tools that you’ll definitely need. Think along the lines of a sprinkler, shovel, rake, hose, lawn mower, etc. 


Zip tap: A great addition to any kitchen, a zip tap ensures instant hot or cold water at the touch of a button.

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