How adding a fireplace can turn a room from bland to bougie

adding a fireplace to home
Fewer than 100 years ago almost everybody had a fireplace.

They were the centre of the home, used for cooking, for gathering around, for warmth. But as technology changed, their popularity waned.

And we get it, living in Australia means most of us to leave the fireplace on the cutting room floor when we’re designing a house. Our hot summers don’t need any help, and the short winters are no match for modern heaters.

But fireplaces still belong in the home. In fact, they’re making a bit of a comeback, both as the hulking brick hearths we know and love, and as modern, sleeker options that can turn your home from bland to bougie.

So, if you’re looking to add a touch of class to your house, here are our top 5 reasons a fireplace might do the trick.

They look good! 

Fireplaces look great, whichever style you go for. The old brick ones have a classic appeal, and they lend the home a friendly, lived-in look.

If that’s not your taste, then contemporary alternatives are fantastic. Modern fireplaces are more like sculptures of steel and stone, designed to tie a room together and stand out as a bold design choice.

Fireplaces set the mood

Families used to gather around the fire to eat, drink and be merry, and you can capture that mood too. A roaring fire could liven up your next family gathering, or you could turn it down to class up a dinner party with your boss and his wife. Maybe you need a cosy room to sit and read with your children, or maybe it’s date night and you’re trying to set a romantic mood.

The possibilities are endless, and fireplaces are great for setting whatever scene you need.

Define your aesthetic 

There are wood, gas and electric fireplaces, produced in brick, steel, glass, stone and just about every other material you can think of. It makes them a versatile feature that’s the ideal centrepiece for any design aesthetic.

Want that upmarket, minimal look? Pick something steel and sculptural. After more of a modern farmhouse feel? Brick hearths or steel stoves are what you’re after. Mix and match your options to find something that speaks to you, then let it be your design focal point.

Make your home stand out 

We know firsthand that most Australians don’t have much call for an indoor fireplace, but that’s part of what makes them unique. Even though they’re a simple addition, a fireplace can be the heart of a living room that lots of modern builds just don’t include anymore.

Fireplaces provide warmth

Figuratively, that is. Most of us want our family homes to feel warm and inviting, and we use every trick in the book to get there. We choose the right colour schemes or use a wooden flooring and plush carpets, we even style every available surface with colourful art or fluffy throw rugs.

But there’s another way to achieve that warm feeling: fireplaces. Even when there are no logs on the fire, the power of suggestion makes fireplaces feel warm and inviting. Nothing says, “This is a lively, friendly home,” more than the presence of a fireplace.

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