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So why choose a new build as an investment?

You’re ready to invest and build your wealth, and all that’s left is to figure out what sort of property you want to buy.

New builds are a great choice as investments – they skip right over the gamble of buying an older house and offer a number of benefits that can make them more profitable.

Australian landlords can claim the depreciation on investment properties as a tax deduction. New builds can claim bigger deductibles and the thousands you get back each year make your investment even more profitable.

An investment property needs tenants before it can make money. New builds are clean and modern and a favourite among tenants, giving you an edge over other homes in the area.

All new Buildtoday homes come with a 12 month maintenance guarantee.

When you buy a home and land package the house hasn’t been built yet, so you only pay stamp duty on the cost of the land.

You’re charged a discounted capital gains rate when you sell an investment property. That could mean thousands of dollars of extra profit at final sale.

Buildtoday is offering $20k to eligible clients to help them make the most of their investment opportunity! There’s no catch – we just want to help make investing possible for everyone.

choose the right location

Investing in the right area can be make or break when it comes time to finding tenants. Your rental return and how much you can charge will depend on what’s going on in the area in terms of population growth, job growth, wages, average rental income, the types of families living there and more. With enough research and number crunching you can work out which suburbs will make your investment profitable.

or ask the experts to help you choose
If long hours of research don’t sound like much fun, the good news is we can help you pick the right location. We’re experts in the rental market and have easy access to the information you need. Whether you’re a local or investing from interstate, we can help you decide the best area to build in.

choose the right design

You’ve done your research and chosen the right area, but you also need to choose the right sort of home to build. It needs to suit your budget, the types of renters in the area and it needs to have those modern, low maintenance features that tenants love.

Buildtoday offers quality, full turnkey home and land packages that let you put the right home in the right location.

We’ll work with you and your budget to decide what you want and then put together a package that suits you.

For those looking to make their money go a little further, we have access to townhome packages, or we can also design and build duplexes that makes the most of your land from the get-go.

choose the right upgrades

Building a new home gives you the freedom to choose where you want to spend money and where you’d rather save it.

Picking upgrades from our selection could give your investment a boost and make it stand out to tenants, and plenty of our options are low cost compared to the return they’ll provide.

Buildtoday can help you figure out which upgrades will appeal to the area you’re building in and the renters who live there.

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finding a tenant

Getting the keys to your investment home isn’t the end of the journey.

Before you can start seeing returns you need to find tenants. To give you a leg up on the competition, Buildtoday can connect you with our partners in the real estate industry.

They’ll be able to help you with finding the right tenants and they can even manage the rental process on your behalf.

why choose buildtoday

full turn key

Nothing is left undone by our team! Your investment is ready for tenants the same day you get the keys.

fixed price

Our building contracts are fixed price, so you get exactly what you’re looking for with no hidden costs or fees.

full service

We’ll be there to support you during the entire journey, from helping you secure finance all the way through to finding tenants.

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$20k investor incentive

Getting started with investing can be the hardest part, which is why Buildtoday is offering $20k to increase your equity injection.

Savings icon | buildtoday

$20k investor incentive

Getting started with investing can be the hardest part, which is why Buildtoday is offering $20k to increase your equity injection.

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