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Did you know that there is not always a big difference between what you may be paying in rent and what a weekly mortgage repayment might cost? In fact, buying a home can be more affordable than many people realise.

Use the calculators below for an estimate on mortgage repayments and to see the difference between your current weekly rental costs and what a weekly mortgage repayment could be.

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It’s the great Australian dream

Owning a home is the Australian dream. However, with increasing housing prices, that dream has become harder and harder to achieve. We understand that for many families, saving that initial deposit is the toughest hurdle; as rent and all the other bills you have to pay don’t stop. In fact, many of us have faced the same challenges. This is why we choose to specialise in low deposit homes and why it is our mission to help you achieve your dream and move into your own home sooner.

Deposit help is available

Gone are the days where you need to save 20% for a home deposit. In fact, depending on your situation, you could get into your own home with as little as $3,000 in savings.

“How?”, we hear you ask. By using the buildtoday Deposit Assistance Package.

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